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Biarritz, France, Miramar Hotel
2014, 2nd-4th of June
ILSG - 23rd annual meeting
ILSG - 23rd annual meeting

"The distinguished members of the International Lymphoma Study Group (ILSG), organized in 1991 by Dr. Tom Grogan, will hold its 23rd annual meeting in Biarritz June 2 to 4, 2014. The group consists of 25 top experts in malignancy of lymphocytes from around the world. In 1991, the first ILSG meeting was held in London. After that, ILSG meetings were held around the world in countries such as USA, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy and Granada.
The original focus of the ILSG was establishing an agreed-upon common terminology, “a lingua franca,” for lymphoma.

Previously, researchers and clinicians around the globe had been unable to collaborate because they were using different terminologies. This effort led to the group’s formulation of the classification system for lymphoma used in the “WHO Classification of Tumours of Haematopoietic and Lymphoid Tissue, 2008.” Their work has been foundational in moving the study of lymphoma forward. “The World Health Organization (WHO) Classification is the Bible for this area of disease across all cultures,” said Dr. Grogan.

The key to the group’s collective and individual successes in driving lymphoma research forward, said Dr. Grogan, is that the members do not present final research reports, but present updates on diagnostic features and subtypes, evolution, preliminary findings and information that stimulates more collaborative lymphoma research activities. “We share our lymphoma research findings and join forces on lymphoma-related research projects. So if you belong to this group, you’re always two years ahead of the rest of the field.”

Prof. P. Brousset, Head of Labex TOUCAN, is in charge of the scientific organization and agenda* of ILSG 2014 annual meeting. Labex TOUCAN is the main sponsor and support of this meeting."

ILSG - 23rd annual meeting
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ILSG - 23rd annual meeting
2014, 2nd-4th of June
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