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Labex Toucan
Investissements d'avenir
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Laboratoire d’Excellence Toucan

Laboratory TOUCAN : an excellence collaborative team to fight cancer.

In 2012 only, 27 000 new lymphoma, leukemia and myeloma cancers were observed in France and 18 000 of them immediately received a treatment.

The synergy ‘research-cure-teaching-industry’ of the Oncopole of Toulouse with our laboratory of excellence will take up a major therapeutic challenge: overcoming the resistance of blood cancer.

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Pierre Brousset, head of the Labex Toucan


17 Mars 2014
The Labex, what is it ? The Labex, what is it ?
Composed of the contraction of the words laboratory and excellence, the Labex aims at supporting research on prospective scientific issues. The French Government launched this project at the end of the 2000’s.

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