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Interviews of Fanny Lafouresse, Srdana Grgurevic and Stéphane Pyronnet...

Fanny Lafouresse
Postdoctoral researcher

Fanny Lafouresse is a postdoctoral researcher. She is part of Dr. Girard’s research team. Specialized in immunology and cancer research, she has been working for the labex TOUCAN for a year.

My main aim is to understand how to stop cells before they reach the ganglions.

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Srdana Grgurevic
Second year PhD student

From Croatia, Srdana Grgurevic is a 28 year old second year PhD student in cancer research in the labex TOUCAN. She specialized in the replication of DNA and work with Pr. Cazaux and Dr. Hoffman.

I work on a type of Leukemia, more especially the chronic lymphoid leukemia. It is a type of Leukemia which is incredibly resistant and has a very high rate of recurrence.

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Stéphane Pyronnet
Director of research team

Director of a research team in the Labex Toucan, Stéphane Pyronnet is also co-director of the CRCT. His team works on the mechanisms of cellular proliferation.

My role is to coordinate a team of about fifteen members (researchers, engineers, technicians and students).

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